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Benefits of Renting

  • No long term obligations
  • Easier access to getting in, no waiting for mortgage approval, providing youi have adequate income and credit
  • Many times heat/hot water is included in rent, so utility cost could be less than ownership
  • No major upfront  payment of up to 20% to put down
  • No major repairs, roof, appliances, heat to deal with
  • Renting frees up capital to be invested or put into your personal business
  • No Real Estate taxes to be paid
  • You have no interest payments to pay and you can invest the difference between your mortgage and rent into the stock Market (Get professional advice as to where to invest or do a lot of reading before acting)
  • A home is not an investment, where you are making any money each month; especially today, the future of home-ownership is no guarantee of a return; whereby, historically, the stock market has provided a 7-10% return over the long run.
  • You want Ownership  because you want to bring your family up in one location, but realizing your home is not an investment.

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